Hope Crutch

The Hope Crutch

Don't let your injuries stop you...

Have a little Hope!

Advantages of the Hope Crutch

Less Armpit Irritation!

Hope Crutch's patented design drastically reduces armpit irritation over the common crutch. The handle position encourages an upright posture and less pressure on the wrists. Let's make it comfortable!

Increased Mobility & Stability

The functional design three points of contact provides a safer and more stable experience. It also reduces the stress put on the circulatory system versus the common crutch.

Amazing Conversation Starter!

The eccentric look of The Hope Crutch is a guaranteed conversation starter. People will constantly ask you about the funky design. You might even get the question "What the crutch is that???"

Used By Many Professional Sports Teams

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The Design Changes Everything

The commons underarm crutch (Axilla) was first patented in 1917 and the design has not been significantly improved since then until now. Welcome to the improved world of crutches!

- Drastically reduced armpit irritation

- Handles designed to reduced pressure on your wrist

- Enhanced stability creates more mobility

- Limited pressure on the circulatory system


I tried all types of crutches for my knee injury and this is BY FAR the best crutch on the market.

– Daniel K.

The Hope Crutch significantly upgraded my quality of life during my 3-month recovery period.

– Kristen H.

Getting around town was much easier with the the Hope Crutch.

– Natalie B.

My armpits thank you!

– Josh L.