March 27, 2016

I am very glad I have the Hope Crutches to use. I had foot surgery and have been non-weight bearing for seven weeks. The axillary crutches I was using were very difficult, unstable, and left me sore on my side rubbing where the handles are, and I developed lateral epicondylitis in my left elbow while using them. The Hope Crutches give me much more confidence moving around, as I feel they are more stable. I am not worried about falling because I no longer have to be concerned with my crutches slipping out from under my arms. Also, they are easier to use.


February 22, 2016

A few years ago I broke my foot and was non-weight bearing for 2 or 3 months. I could not maneuver on crutches very well and somehow….I was looking online and found Hope Crutches. They were the difference between day and night. Since then I have told everyone about them. I notice that the hospitals in this area (New York) do not use them. Anyway…while I was using them my super inquired about them. I told him how wonderful they were and he asked if I would give them to him when I was better. I did and he sent him to his uncle in Albania who lost his leg. His uncle told him it was like having a new leg and a new life. How nice, right. I know it too and therefore, even if my friend is telling me she’s not sure, I am getting them for her (she broke her tibia). I know they will change her life. Thank you all so much.


July 9, 2015

I fractured the fifth metatarsal of my right foot on January 1, 2015, while working around the home. As it is a weight-bearing bone, I was placed in a cast on January 6, 2015, and given a pair of conventional crutches. I was familiar with conventional crutches as I had injured both my left knee and foot in the past and was immobilized. Conventional crutches, over time, cause pain in both the underarms and wrists, as they do not readily conform to the physiological movement of the human body. Having conducted my due diligence on the use of the Hope Crutch, I discussed the matter with my podiatrist and contacted a retail distributor to purchase the product. I was impressed at the difference between the use of the Hope Crutch and conventional crutches and no longer fear nerve damage in my arms/shoulders or carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrists. Prolonged use of conventional crutches has been known to result in these types of injuries. I used the crutches from the date of fracture, through an unanticipated surgery and subsequent recovery. This covered a time period of approximately 3½ months and I had no pain or discomfort from the use of the Hope Crutch. I am thoroughly satisfied with the Hope Crutch and would heartily recommend that others who have lower extremity injuries take advantage of this unique and innovative product.

G.D Reed

February 13, 2014

On 1/26/14 I broke my fibula and will need to be in a boot and on crutches, non-weight bearing, for at least 4 weeks and in the boot for 8 weeks. 
The doctor's office gave me a pair of regular crutches and sent me home.  In the first 10 minutes I knew that the regular crutches were going to be a real challenge.  Thankfully, I remembered meeting a man with one leg a few years ago and he raved about how the Hope Crutch made all the difference for him.  So, the morning after my break, I got online and ordered a pair of Hope Crutches.  I was worried that they might be really expensive but was pleasantly surprised when I was told the total cost would only be $134 and I could get them in 2 days!  The worst part was that I knew I would have to endure 2 days on regular crutches.  After 2 days, my armpits were chaffed and sore and the regular crutches were taking a toll.  I was excited to get my new Hope Crutches 2 days later and after just a few minutes of set up and adjustments I was in business.  The instructions and online videos were very helpful in getting them adjusted properly, which is very important.  After just a few minutes of use I was convinced that I had struck pay dirt.  The Hope Crutches are AMAZING!!!  They are everything they claim to be and more.  I have been using them for over 2 weeks now and they have made all the difference.  I know that I would not have lasted this long on regular crutches without a lot of negative consequences.  Just out of curiosity I grabbed the regular crutches today to see what they were like.  They seemed even worse than before.  Just terrible and pretty much useless when compared to the Hope Crutches.  I cannot even understand why in the world they are even in use at all.  The Hope Crutches were just a little more than twice the cost of the regular ones but considering the huge difference in functionality and comfort, they should be the standard issue for all people needing crutches.  I can say with 100% confidence that the Hope Crutches are truly a night and day difference when compared to regular crutches!!!  Thank you for your research and design efforts!


January 22, 2014

I would like to thank the creators of Hope Crutch for this amazing state-of-the-art crutches.  I had a pretty complicated knee surgery which required non-weight bearing for 12 weeks.  For the first week, I was working in the hospital using the traditional crutches.  The discomfort and pain from those crutches was unbearable.  I could not imagine getting through 12 weeks with them.  A colleague saw the struggle while I was at work and introduced me to the Hope Crutch.  This device is a total life saver.  I felt like a brand new man after using these crutches for the duration of my 12 week course.  I was able to comfortably mobilize throughout the various hospitals that I work in the city as well as accomplish weekly errands with little to no difficulty.  The discomfort I had with the traditional crutches, such as the axillary pain and stress on the forearms are completely eliminated with the HopeCrutch.  I have received positive feedback from majority of local Physiatrists as well as Orthopedists (especially my knee surgeon) after lending my crutches for them to try.  I fully endorse the HopeCrutch for all patients required to be weight-bearing for an extended amount of time.  The comfort is PRICELESS!!  

O. Awaji, M.D.

December 11, 2013

I wanted to write to let you know what a blessing the Hope Crutches have been for my daughter. She is currently on her fourth foot surgery. Two of the surgeries are 8-10 weeks of no weight on her foot. The Hope Crutches have truely been amazing. She has literally no soreness under her arms, her back doesn't hurt from leaning forward like on the standard crutches, she is less tired and feels much more stable and safe on the Hope Crutches compared to the standard crutches.

Having the Hope Crutches has made a world of difference in her recovery.

Tricia M.

January 14, 2013

On New Year's Day I slipped and completely ruptured my quadriceps tendon. I have to be 100% non-weight bearing for 30 days. The day of the accident I was provided with the normal aluminium crutch which I found wanted to keep coming out from under my armpits. I have fairly large hands and found the area for your hands very small. The company gave me a substitute which was more ergonomic but still had the issue with coming out of my armpits. I did look on the internet and found the Hope Crutch and gave your office a call. I spoke with Jay who quickly got me setup and a pair of crutches on the way. I have now used your crutches for just a few days but I can tell you they are everything you say they are. I am 6'5" and 235 pounds and find them very stable and easy on the body. they just will not slip out from under your shoulders and make 100% non-weight bearing as good as it can be.

David B.
Kearney, Nebraska

November 2012

As a 70-year-old woman of small stature, and no athlete to be sure. I was concerned about getting Hope Crutches. But a friend of mine said they were great. I called Careborne to see if they could be made smaller for me and was delighted to learn that they could. I had the crutches in two days.

In the beginning, I had trouble because my upper-body strength is not good, but after a week of trying, I got the hang of it and the strength I needed. I am sure I presented a funny sight moving along the sidewalk at a fast clip. Now that my foot is healing, I will soon switch to just one crutch.

I had the kind of surgery which is usually for athletes. I could not put any weight on one foot for several weeks. These crutches allow me to put partial weight on the foot now that enough time has gone by and also give me some exercise. The knee scooter was ok for the first week or two, but not for the long-haul. It is too rough on old knees.

Bobbie G.

October 2012

Hope Crutches are the first true improvement in crutches since the days of Tiny Tim in "A Christmas Carol" and that was written in 1843! Okay, you won't get splinters using modern, hospital standard-issue aluminum crutches but that's about the best that can be said.

The handles on the Hope Crutches are big, well padded and angled for a more ergonomic grip so your hands don't get achy. Should you, for whatever reason, have your hand or hands move forward suddenly, you will not be pushing the crutch out from under you. The part under your shoulder remains secure and you do not fall - period. The part under the arm is padded yet less bulky so it doesn't press into your ribs. So much more comfortable!

I like the tip at the bottom of the Hope Crutch as well. It has a larger diameter than the standard issue. Larger footing translates to greater stability in a longer stride. That coupled with the upright behind the shoulder that very gently urges you to a longer step means you are keeping pace with others. (Yes, my friend could not find a closer parking place than 2 blocks from our destination and I managed without difficulty. You are no longer the gimp.) By my second week of using the Hope Crutches I was shooting across a huge warehouse floor to answer the door faster than my able-bodied colleagues! Confidence and the sense of safe movement I had with Hope Crutches significantly enhanced my recovery from Achilles tendon surgery.

Saren H.

I can't say enough great things about the crutches. My son used them for 2 ankle surgeries. We first saw the crutches being used by a professional football player and then we were able to find them. They were the best things ever. He was very active on them and never had a problem. Of course he is young. Now there is me. I tore my Achilles tendon and they gave me the regular crutches. I felt unstable on them. I feared that they would slip out from under my arms. They hurt my hands and underarms after one day. My son brought me over the hope crutches and I have had no problems at all. Nothing hurts when I use them and I feel so stable on them. I don't have the fear that I had with the conventional crutches. I go out more and don't mind being around people. They are clearly the best. I have had many people stop me and ask me about them and I have given them the information. I wish the doctor's offices would offer them to patients and also the hospitals. They would be doing their patients a HUGE favor.
Thanks for having these crutches available to injured people. THEY ARE THE GREATEST!!!

Sally L.
A Hope Crutch supporter

 I have been on crutches 3 times with the old conventional crutches and 3 times with the hope crutches.  I would fall so much with the conventional crutches it was scary, down stairs, in the street, face first into the fridge, it was so unsafe and dangerous.  After I got the hope crutches I never, ever fell again, not 1 time.  I feel safe no matter where I use them, going down the stairs especially.  Also the handles are at a perfect angle and it relieves pressure on my wrists.  The hope crutch is the only answer to a safe future for crutches.  I will never use the old conventional crutch again and I completely believe they are a necessity for proper healing safely.  By now I'm a crutch pro and these are the best.  The hope crutch is the best decision I've ever made.

Louise O.

 After losing my left leg in an accident in 2006, I began using regular crutches to move around my house after work and when I need to give my amputated limb a break from my prosthetic. After a period of time I started to have trouble with my elbows that I attributed to the use of standard crutches. I am a musician and it was having a negative impact on my ability to play. I needed a better quality pair of crutches to relieve the strain on my elbows. I did the research and purchased a pair of hope crutches. They are much easier to use than standard crutches and their design prevents me from suffering from any arm strain. I have recommended them to other people in need of a good pair of crutches, they are an excellent, well engineered product and I am very happy with them.

Thank You
Mark C.

I underwent knee surgery in November, 2010.  This originally was planned to be torn cartilage meniscectomy with minimal time on crutches, but turned into a more major procedure requiring 8 weeks on crutches.  The first 2 weeks I struggled doing rounds at a 800+ bed hospital with long hallways, quickly developing sore ribs etc!   At age 55 I could get around fairly well with the standard crutches but was sore and tired by the end of the day. A friend mentioned Hope Crutches, which were a phenomenal upgrade.  The added stability, decreased fatigue, improved speed of walking and dramatic reduction in sore ribs and arms made for a much more tolerable subsequent 6 weeks.  I strongly recommend Hope Crutches to those who can't safely manage standard crutches and anyone who has to spend more than a few days on crutches.

W. Chad S. MD
Winston Salem, NC

Just a short note to let you know how much we like the Hope Crutch. I have a sixteen year old son that went through ACL repair in December of 2010.
He started out on conventional crutches and in just a few days complained of arm pain. We started looking for an alternative crutches and found the Hope Crutch. My son had made comment that he had seen a college football player with a set on T.V. Once we received them he had no problems with arm pain. I don't have to stay on him to be using his crutches. They are great and would recommend them to anyone.
Thanks for such a great product,
Donny G.
Blossom, Tx

I have used Hope Crutches for many years while I was an athletic trainer in the college setting at Rice University and Houston Baptist University.  Since I started working at The Kinkaid School in July, 2010, I have ordered Hope Crutches for my new school.  I prefer the Hope Crutch over conventional crutches because my experience has been that most patients feel like they are in better control of their body movement and feel less vulnerable.  I also have less patients complaining of underarm pain and numbness/parasthesia from leaning onto the crutches when they use the Hope Crutch.  I use the Hope Crutch exclusively for my exceptionally tall athletes like basketball players.  They are extremely durable and last forever.

Jimmy R., Jr.
Head Athletic Trainer
The Kinkaid School

I was involved in a motorcycle accident in September of 2009 that caused me to have a below-knee amputation. My healing process was very slow because of infections, open wound sites, and swelling from the trauma. Because of the extended healing process I could not be fitted for a prosthetic for many months after the accident. Two months after the accident I began using traditional crutches that were loaned to me by a friend. At the time, I had a physical therapist working with me on my crutch techniques to be sure I was using them correctly.  I used the crutches for about six months as my major form of mobility. During this time I had increasing pain in my shoulders, elbows, wrists, and leg from the use of the traditional crutches. I knew it would be months before I would be fitted with a prosthetic and also knew I couldn't continue with the deterioration of my joints from using the traditional crutches.  From some exhaustive internet research I came upon the Hope Crutch. It looked very promising in that many others had experienced similar difficulties from the extended use of traditional crutches. I decided to call and speak with the company's owner to discuss my situation before ordering.  I did order a pair of the Hope Crutches and found the design to be somewhat unusual. I followed the fitting instructions and began using them exclusively. At first I didn't experience any relief because I had done so much damage from using traditional crutches. However, as I continued using them I found that the painful joint problems were beginning to heal. In addition to the pain relief, I felt much more stable. The design seems to propel you forward in a comfortable manner which eases fatigue. My fear of slipping with the crutches was lessened greatly by the design enhancement. Having the extra contact point behind the shoulders was so important. Four months after I started using them I was fitted for my first prosthetic and continued using one crutch as I eased into using my prosthesis. I really believe the ergonomic design of the Hope Crutch was crucial in freeing me from the deterioration and pain caused by the extended use of traditional crutches. I recommend them to anyone with an injury that will need prolonged mobility help from crutches. I hope many others will find your Hope Crutch as helpful as I have. Thank you for making this great product!

William (Rick) R.
Addison, Texas


Just need to let you know how happy I am to have found crutches I can use without difficulty, discomfort and pain.  I am 71 years old (almost 72), scheduled for a tendon replacement surgery for achilles tendonitis.  Thought it wise to practice with crutches, bought a pair of conventional crutches from our local pharmacy but found that they were extremely difficult to use.  I had trouble keeping the crutches next to my body and in place.  They kept slipping forward and caused a great deal of discomfort.  Since I bruise easily, I developed black and blue marks where the crutches were pressed against my bra strap.

My daughter-in-law ( a trained physical therapist) and I found your crutches online.  I called and learned more about the Hope and SCBU crutches.  Ordered a pair of HOPE crutches (they arrived in two days much to my surprise...I live in Hawaii!), and had the crutches adjusted to fit me.  This was so easy to do.  I am able to change the height of the crutches with a simple push and twist when I need to use different footwear.

I've been practicing daily with the crutches, climbing and descending stairs, going over curbs, sitting and standing, getting in and out of bed.  I'm perfectly comfortable with them despite having weak muscles.  I appreciate your efforts to improve upon a product from which many, many people can benefit.  It is hard enough dealing with the pain and discomfort following injury or surgery.  Using these crutches with ease helps the recovery process.

P.S.   I have since seen your crutches being used by injured football players on the sidelines.  But you know?  You don't have to be an athlete to use your crutches!  I am ever so grateful.  Thank you.


As a result of an injury, I was required to be on crutches for 8-12 weeks.  I started out with the traditional crutches and found them to be somewhat unsafe for me as they were always slipping forward while I was walking.  My son told me about the Hope Crutches as a number of athletes he knows were using them and raving about how much easier they were to use.  I was unable to find them locally, so I ordered them on-line from CareBorne, Inc.  The customer service that I received then and since has been wonderful – they truly care out you.  As a medical provider and consumer, I find that refreshing.  It has been like night and day since I received my Hope Crutches.  There is no longer the worry of the forward slippage and their design makes ambulating much smoother than the traditional crutches.  I would highly recommend the Hope Crutch to anyone needing crutches and hope that in the future that they will be available in medical supply stores, hospitals and clinics.

Dyann E., Advanced Registered Nurse Practioner